How Businesses Can Mitigate Cyber Risk | Vernon Litigation Group

For this week's video series, Founding Partner, Chris Vernon speaks directly to business owners and how they can mitigate cyber risk. One way is to train your employees on the different types of cyber risks such as; data breach, ransomware, and wire fraud.

We now live in a digital age and the likes of smartphones enable us to adapt to technological advances and allow global connectivity. However, it is up to us to do proper due diligence to be able to identify potential cyber risks. If you own a business, it should be mandatory to train your employees on cyber risks they may face either in email phishing, ransomware or data breaches to name a few.

If hiring a cyber expert is not in your current budget, another option would be to implement cyber training by courses such as the Griffon Force Academy which will help you prevent identity theft, how to monitor for identity theft and overall information about cybersecurity.

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