Google’s Recent pursuit of Scam Play Store Apps: Too Little and Too Late for Many Investors

There is an epidemic of tech-based criminals that have, for a long time, used social media platforms, crypto platforms, and App stores to gain the trust and confidence of investors and others throughout the United States.

How We Got Here

This epidemic has coincided with big tech-based companies, such as Google, Apple, Coinbase, and Linked In, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year from its clients and customers who are targeted by these scammers. Despite this long-running parasitic relationship, the big tech companies have spent and continue to spend a woefully inadequate sum to protect their clients and customers from the tech-based scammers who thrive in the ecosystems created by these huge tech companies.

Current Status

Google finally decided to pursue one or more of these scammers developing and operating malicious Apps within Google’s own Play Store. Sadly, even Google acknowledges that versions of the fraudulent apps now being pursued by Google have thrived on Google’s Play Store platform for well over three (3) years.

There are many ways in which these scammers operate, but in the case of the ones now being pursued by Google, the Apps appear on the Google Play Store as legitimate crypto investing Apps. Once a Google customer signs up for one of these bogus Apps, the scammers (who often work as a team of individuals that appear to be unrelated to each other) use the possibility of a romantic relationship as well as the opportunity for investment success (as well as other “con artist” techniques) to slowly separate the Google Play Store customers from their money.

Long Way to Go

What is especially troubling, from an industry wide perspective, is that Google asserts that it is ahead of its peers in taking this type of action. From our perspective, this statement shows just how far behind the entire tech-based industry is on allocating appropriate funds and resources to protecting their customers and clients through compliance protocols, supervision protocols, customer support, and other systems and processes to achieve a commercially reasonable level of protection for its own client base.

Our Part

Vernon Litigation Group is a Naples, Florida based law firm that represents clients all over the country in complex business and investment disputes, including technology related disputes against tech giants and financial institutions for failing to adequately protect their own clients and customers from cyber thieves and cryptocurrency scammers. Our law firm’s strategic and creative approach to litigation, directness (with clients, the courts, arbitrators, and opposing counsel), as well as our recognitions set Vernon Litigation Group apart.

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