Google’s Incognito Mode Deception and What it Says about Tech Giants in the United States

While we commend the class action attorneys and class representatives for bringing the Google Incognito deception to light, the result of that dispute is alarming in that it shows how far Google and other high-tech companies have and continue to put profits above customers.

The Allegations

In 2020, a California class action lawsuit accused Google of secretly collecting data from users who relied on Incognito Mode for privacy protection. The lawsuit claimed that Google’s privacy assurances were a sham. Customers felt betrayed and violated. The Class Action Complaint alleged that Google had deceived millions.

Hidden Evidence

We are especially troubled by allegations that Google, during the lawsuit, failed to disclose key employees and data in its possession that were relevant to the dispute. Though some court records related to this issue are not public, it appears that the Court agreed with the Class Action attorneys that Google was not behaving properly with respect to the evidence it was not turning over to the class action attorneys.

The Settlement

Late last year, the parties reached a settlement. Although Google agreed to delete the data it deceptively gathered and be more transparent going forward, Google did not pay any money to the class members (though class members retained the right to sue Google individually).

Protect and Pursue Your Rights

What troubles our law firm is that Google deceived millions of customers, profited greatly from that deception, refused to behave properly during the court proceedings, and now settles without paying any money to any victims.

This shows how far we still need to go to pursue tech giants in order to begin to hold them accountable and financially motivate them to provide a reasonable standard of care to their own client base.

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