Vernon Litigation is currently investigating structured products backed by Credit Suisse

credit suisse

Vernon Litigation is currently investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who were sold structured products backed by Credit Suisse. It's no secret that for years, Credit Suisse bank has been underperforming its peers in the industry due to systemic problems in its banking system. Today, Credit Suisse stock is trading under $2 per share, and the bank is at risk of going bankrupt due to ongoing debt service.

If Credit Suisse fails, investors owning structured products backed by the bank may suffer catastrophic losses. Fortunately, our firm has successfully handled Lehman Brothers structured products cases during the financial crisis.

Credit Suisse provides a broad range of products and services in the area of Structured Products to private and institutional clients as well as asset managers. These products include issuance programs, trigger redeemable and phoenix securities, put and call securities, bonus and participation securities, reverse convertible and worst of reverse convertible securities, dual currency securities and FX-linked securities, final terms and securities notes, and credit-linked securities.

We are here to help investors who have been affected by this situation. If you have invested in structured products backed by Credit Suisse, contact us to learn more about your legal options.

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