Can I Trust a Financial Advisor?

Financial advisor talking to couple

Hiring a financial advisor is not always a bad idea. They often have the expertise to guide you to the right investments while expanding your portfolio. However, it’s vital to recognize where financial advisors may try to take advantage of your vulnerability and inexperience.

If you are wondering if you can trust a financial advisor, there’s no clear-cut answer. Every financial advisor is different, and you may be able to trust one but not the other. Here are some things you need to know about trusting your financial advisor.

Trust Them, But Do Your Own Research

You can trust your financial advisor. However, like anything else, it always helps to know what you’re looking at in terms of your investment. Do your research and look into your numbers before giving your financial advisor clearance to invest your money.

One of your biggest concerns is if your financial advisor begins to invest your money without having consent. If that is something that begins to happen, you shouldn’t trust the financial advisor and choose someone else to help with your investment portfolio.

Know Their Policies

It helps to know the financial advisor’s core values and how they run their business. You can meet with the financial advisor to learn about them and their services. However, meeting with them won’t always tell you the whole story. You should look into them further.

Public reviews, FINRA reports, and more can tell you everything you need to know about whether you can trust a specific financial advisor. Remember, not all financial advisors are bad, but you should remain cautious with your money.

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