Hurricane Dorian

As all of us Floridian’s brace for Hurricane Dorian, we are sure you are inundated with tips on how to prepare, what to stock up on and are religiously watching the weather channel and hurricane advisory updates. At Vernon Litigation Group, we want to offer to you tips on what to do AFTER the hurricane has subsided. If you have suffered damage due to the hurricane and are wondering where to turn to next, please follow these steps and additionally listen to our Founding Partner, Chris Vernon discuss what to do after the hurricane hits and what to avoid in hopes to protect your finances.

  1. Keep your documents safe, in a dry place and easily accessible, to include; insurance, medical records, personal documents etc.
  2. Board up windows, use sand bags, towels, and collect your items outside and place them inside or secure them down so they do not damage your home’s exterior and or they get swept away by flash floods, storm surge or high winds
  3. Take photos of your home BEFORE the hurricane and make sure the time and date stamp are present and additionally take photos of your valuable belongings
  4. Take photos AFTER the hurricane has subside and make sure the time and date stamp are present
  5. If you suffer any damage, call your insurance provider immediately to be assessed and keep track of whom you speak with and when
  6. Do not make any repairs yourself prior to an adjuster assessing the damage
  7. Stay calm and patient and most importantly, stay safe.
  8. If you come in contact with a fraudulent contractor, roofer and or run into issues with Assignment of Benefits (AOB), please contact Brooke Sandoval-Banker at or call 239-649-5390.

Vernon Litigation Group is based in Naples, Florida with additional offices in Georgia and understands the challenges facing residents and businesses contending with lost revenue and property damage. Vernon Litigation Group represents businesses and individuals throughout the United States who have financial disputes, including insurance, construction, contract, and fraud disputes arising out of hurricanes and other natural disasters. For more information contact, Brooke Sandoval-Banker at or call (239) 319-4434.

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