Notice to Foreign Investors: HOPE IS NOT A PLAN

Mar 14, 2018 / EB-5

You MUST do PROPER and CONFLICT FREE due diligence on your EB-5 investment if you want to avoid losing your investment and, most importantly, if you want to retain your green card and stay in the U.S. For some more information watch the video below: EB-5 investors need to understand that just because the U.S. Government authorizes a Regional Center or a EB-5 project, it does NOT mean the U.S. […]

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FBI Director Pledges Discretion with Corporate Hacking Victims

Mar 8, 2018 / Cybersecurity

Companies that fall victim to cyberattacks and data breaches may rest a bit easier. On March 7, 2018, FBI Director Christopher Wray informed conference attendees at Boston College that the Federal Bureau of Investigation views companies impacted by hacking incidents as victims and the bureau will not be quick to disclose details of the incidents to other agencies. “At the FBI, we treat victim companies as victims,” said Director Wray. […]

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Unanimous Supreme Court Declines Broader SEC Whistleblower Protections

Mar 2, 2018 / Whistleblower

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously declined to adopt a broader reading of a law designed to protect whistleblowers who report securities laws violations. The Dodd-Frank Act offers protections against retaliation, such as firing and demotions, to employees who report wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Supreme Court held that while whistleblowers who report misconduct to the SEC fall under Dodd-Frank’s protection, employees who only report the […]

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Whats The Difference Between Big Banks And Local Banks?

Feb 28, 2018 / Videos

Chris Vernon discusses the difference between large national and international banking offices and smaller local banks. When you are reviewing a bank for your funds be sure to review their history, look into how often they have been fined for wrongful acts in connection with their customers.

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