Government Shutdown Threatens US Cybersecurity as 773 Million Passwords Go Public in Data Breach

Jan 17, 2019 / Cybersecurity

As the partial federal government shutdown drags into its fourth week, America’s cybersecurity posture is weaker. Wired Magazine reported yesterday that the government shutdown is impacting some government agencies’ ability to properly monitor, maintain, and safeguard critical information technology systems, which is leaving our nation more vulnerable to our adversaries’ cyberattacks. Once funding is restored, government cybersecurity professionals will need to mine through weeks-old data to search for threats and scramble […]

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The Importance of Asset Allocation in a Volatile Stock Market

Jan 16, 2019 / Videos

In this installment of our ongoing weekly series Chris Vernon discusses asset allocation in your portfolio, specifically “bond surrogates.” A bond surrogate is a commonly used term to describe some form of fixed income security; however, they can cause over-concentration in the stock market. So, when the stock market goes down so does the value of your portfolio, and with the ongoing volatility of the market, now is the time […]

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Government Shutdown Leaves Identity Theft Victims Out In The Cold

Jan 10, 2019 / Videos

In our first video of the new year, Vernon Litigation Group welcomes their first guest speaker, Carrie Kerskie. Carrie is the founding partner of Griffon Force,, a company that provides clients with personalized risk assessment and reduction services for identity theft. Today she is discussing a potentially disastrous side effect of the government shutdown, the IRS and FTC are no longer processing any identity theft complaints, but Griffon Force […]

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CPAs Selling Insurance Products | What To Be Wary Of

When a CPA approaches you asking for investments in insurance products be sure you are entirely aware of what you are getting yourself into. Insurance is a fantastic idea; however, Insurance companies find ways to motivate independent brokers to sell their policies. When this practice is combined with a CPAs position of trust it can have very dangerous results. Find out more here:  

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