Fraud Crimes: Wire Fraud

¹”Mail fraud and wire fraud are federal crimes in the United States that involve mailing or electronically transmitting something associated with fraud.”

With that said, we know that for cyber criminals, wire fraud is not just subject to happen in the United States alone. The very thing that makes wire transfers so convenient is the fact that, not only is it rather quick…but it can also be sent and transmitted globally. The convenience is usually a welcomed attribute about living in the digital age, however with convenience and more specifically convenience involving funds being transferred, comes a responsibility to do your due diligence to protect yourself and or client while sending wire transfers.

To learn more, please watch the video below to learn what to look out for and steps to take should you send funds electronically:

If you believe you or your clients have been the victim of a wire fraud or other cyberattacks, we urge you to act quickly and contact Brooke Sandoval-Banker at, in turn, we can begin to act quickly to mitigate your damages, both legally and commercially.

In addition to representing clients impacted by wire fraud, data breaches and cyberattacks, founding partner Chris Vernon is a member of the Collier Identity Theft Task Force in Collier County and speaks regularly on cyber law issues and has written extensively on cybersecurity issues.

¹“Mail and Wire Fraud.”¬†Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 13 May 2019,

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