FINRA Takes Disciplinary Action Against Firm for 16th Time in 20 Years

According to a recent Investment News article, the primary regulator of brokerage firms (FINRA) just took disciplinary action against Meyers Associates – now known as Windsor Street Capital – for the 16th time in less than two decades. The most recent fine was $700,000, but what we find significant is the fact that the regulator has effectively allowed this firm to continue to deal with the investing public despite its history. Specifically, our firm is troubled by FINRA’s failure to actually find ways to financially or procedurally prevent firms like these from continuing to do business and simply make enough money to treat the regulatory fines and suspensions as a cost of doing business. Our experience, representing both investors and advisors in disputes with brokerage firms for decades throughout the United States, is that FINRA is ineffective in policing the brokerage industry.


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