Vernon Litigation Group Expands Investigation Relating to Bighorn Wealth Fund and End of the Rainbow Investors

Friday, the Naples Daily News released an article relating to potential losses suffered by investors who placed significant funds in the Bighorn Wealth Fund and the End of the Rainbow Partners. The attorneys at Vernon Litigation Group are now representing multiple clients who invested the majority of the total funds held by Bighorn Wealth Fund LP as well as a significant investor in The End of the Rainbow Partners.


According to our ongoing investigation, The Bighorn fund was pitched to investors as an investment that used a proprietary model to identify entry and exit points into highly liquid, highly tradeable instruments with a high rate of success. The Bighorn promoters also stressed the reduced risks of potential overnight volatility by claiming that the fund was almost fully liquid (if not wholly liquid) by the close of each business day. Bighorn promotors also touted that each client account was being managed on a separate account basis, giving the client “full transparency and full liquidity of the account.” The End of the Rainbow Partners’ investment strategy was pitched to potential investors using a nearly exact description of Bighorn’s “proprietary model.” The only difference appears to be that the End of the Rainbow Partners was supposed to be set up to benefit charitable and non-profit organizations.

In discussing some of the investments made by the Bighorn Fund, The Naples Daily News article identified at least one significantly volatile exchange-traded fund investment that was held for a period of time that was contrary to the fund’s purported ability to limit overnight risks, which resulted in a multi-million-dollar loss in a single transaction.

Looking Beyond Bighorn and End of Rainbow

Vernon Litigation Group is currently investigating the circumstances and representations Bighorn and End of the Rainbow made to investors, as well as the numerous individuals and entities that had involvement with the promotion, sale, and management of Bighorn and The End of the Rainbow. Vernon Litigation is also investigating the location of the funds, and any potential misplacement or misuse of any of the investors’ funds. If you have any information that could be relevant to our investigation, please contact us at 239-649-5390 or by e-mail at


Vernon Litigation Group is based in Naples, Florida, with additional offices in Orlando, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Vernon Litigation Group currently represents victims of securities fraud and whistleblowers in court, arbitration, mediation, and regulatory filings throughout the United States. For more information on any potential losses relating to Bighorn Wealth Fund or the End of the Rainbow Partners, visit our website at

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