Structured Notes Issued by Deutsche Bank Are Actually Unsecured Loans to a Troubled Foreign Institution

Here is yet another recent article chronicling the massive problems at Deutsche Bank. Sadly, the Deutsche Bank story appears to be the ‘all too common’ story of possible investigations of unethical and possibly illegal practices by a large financial institution.


While we have concerns for the world economy should Deutsche Bank’s fortunes continue in the wrong direction, our current focus is on the massive repayment risk exposure to retail investors who have invested in structured notes issued by Deutsche Bank. We have already written three different articles on this singular topic over the last two years alone.

In our opinion, as investor’s rights attorneys, most recent recommendations to retail investors to invest in Deutsche Bank’s structured notes at issue price, constitutes nothing short of financial malpractice. Structured Notes are essentially unsecured loans to the issuer, meaning the investor is loaning money to Deutsche Bank without requiring any collateral to protect against failure of repayment. Though we have significant problems with the sale of structured notes in general, the sale of Deutsche Bank’s structured notes is of particular concern to us as evidenced by the title of two of our past three articles on this topic: “Why We Believe You Should Not Buy Deutsche Bank’s Structured Notes” and “Why I Would Not Want Deutsche Bank’s Structured Notes in my Portfolio”.


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