Vernon Litigation Group Files Claims Against Pacific Life Insurance Company in Connection with PDX IUL Policies


Earlier this month, Vernon Litigation Group filed claims on behalf multiple clients against Pacific Life Insurance Company, one of the largest life insurance companies in the United States.

The lawsuit alleges that Pacific Life misled the insureds in connection with promoting and selling indexed universal life (“IUL”) insurance policies known as the “Pacific Discovery Xelerator IUL Policy” (“PDX Policies”). The lawsuit goes on to allege that, because of Pacific Life’s deceptive conduct (and the onerous surrender terms that make it hard to cancel the policies), purchasers of PDX Policies are forced to pay hidden costs which drag down policy values.

As set forth in detail in the Complaint filed by the attorneys at Vernon Litigation, PDX Policies are virtually impossible for consumers to understand.

The Complaint goes on to allege that Pacific Life took advantage of the complex nature of the PDX Policy to deceive consumers and gain a market advantage.

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