What Can I Recover In a Securities Fraud Lawsuit?

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Imagine investing a significant amount of money into something you believe to be true. In the end, it turns out the financial advisor or broker you worked with was only looking out for their own interests. As a result, you lose that money and find yourself trying to recover what you lost. If this happens to you, know that you may be eligible to file a securities fraud lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Far too often, investment advisors breach their fiduciary duty for monetary gain. They advise investors to make significant investments against their best interests, costing the investor their savings. A securities fraud lawsuit helps the investor recover financially from the investment. It’s vital to recognize your rights moving forward.

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What You May Recover

Your recovery is dependent on the circumstances of your situation, especially not knowing the fraud that occurred and your losses. Once you speak with a lawyer, though, you can get a better idea of what you may recover for securities litigation. Here are some of the factors that can impact your maximum compensation:

  • A settlement consisting of cash payments, stocks, or both.
  • Your total losses stemming from the advisor or broker’s illegal conduct.
  • Potential attorney fees and costs for a trial.

One important thing to know about your recovery is how you can pursue it. Learning how to manage the securities litigation lawsuit can help you through the process.

Class Action Securities Litigation Lawsuits

Many of the securities litigation lawsuits that arise go through a class action. Many financial advisors have multiple investors they work with, which often means they provide the same bad advice or conduct illegal activities with several people. A class-action lawsuit gives all those who lost money because of an investor a chance to pursue the compensation they deserve.

All claims come together as one lawsuit against the advisor. The compensation goes to each of the parties.

One of the most significant benefits of class action lawsuits is the ability to bring forth several crucial pieces of evidence in a case. Everyone can tell the story of what happened and how the financial advisor took advantage of their rights to strengthen the claim.

Individual Securities Litigation Lawsuit

If you are the only victim of securities fraud with a particular advisor, you may need to take legal action on your own. In any case, having a lawyer to explain your options throughout the process can help you focus on your recovery with the knowledge and resources necessary to pursue the most favorable outcome.

Your compensation is often dependent on several factors. However, maximizing what you can recover means working with an experienced lawyer who can explain your rights and options every step of the way. A lawyer develops a strategy that also holds the negligent party accountable, potentially preventing further actions like this in the future.

At Vernon Litigation Group, we know how difficult this situation can be for you. We want you to feel peace of mind, knowing that you have someone on your side who can help you through the most challenging situations. We work to provide cost-effective and tenacious advocacy while safeguarding your best interests throughout the process.

You can speak with our Naples securities litigation attorneys in a complimentary consultation. Our goal is to help you understand what’s going on while also communicating with you and updating you about each step of the process with personalized care. We will be your trusted advocates, working hard to hold unscrupulous financial advisors accountable for taking advantage of your rights.

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