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Some financial advisors are honest, competent, and hardworking professionals who care about their clients and strive to help them reach their financial goals.  But as with all professions, there are incompetent and shady stockbrokers who recklessly lead their clients to loss or ruin — like the incompetent attorney or the unethical insurance agent – and make life difficult for the rest.

But even honest stockbrokers who rely on their employers have a difficult time acting in their client’s best interest if he or she is operating in the dark, misled by a brokerage firm that makes its own professionals unwitting parties to stock fraud or malfeasance.

That has been the case with numerous financial advisors who have contacted the Vernon Litigation Group Law Firm to help clients facing devastating losses due to products that were misrepresented to both the financial advisor and his or her client. 

For example, financial advisors at UBS were fed bad information about Lehman structured products, according to Vernon Litigation Group’s investigation.  These advisors were led to believe that Lehman’s principal protected notes were far safer than they actually were.

As one of the architects of these Lehman structured products, UBS knew or should have known of Lehman’s precarious financial position. Instead, UBS urged its financial advisors through internal “road shows” to pitch Lehman principal protected notes as safe and principal protected to their clients.

Vernon Litigation Group is a Naples, Florida based law firm that represents investors who are victims of stock fraud and stock losses due to broker fraud and brokerage fraud. Vernon Litigation Group attorneys are experienced in securities arbitration and litigation. The firm is currently representing multiple Lehman structured product investors in FINRA arbitration.

The firm assists clients in recovering losses caused by all manner of financial fraud and negligence. It focuses its practice on complex financial litigation and arbitration as well as business and commercial litigation.

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