In court or arbitration, Vernon Litigation Group analyzes how to best represent each investor’s claim against Wall Street

Investors who have suffered losses at the hands of negligent and abusive brokerage firms and investment advisors need solid legal counsel and cost-benefit analysis on the best available forum to pursue their legal rights.  Sweeping financial reforms enacted in 2010 could end or curtail mandatory arbitration clauses that have long been favored by Wall Street.

Depending on how aggressively the Securities and Exchange Commission implements reform legislation, investors may soon have a real choice between arbitration and court, making it all the more critical for investors to retain attorneys with experience in both arenas.  The litigators at Vernon Litigation Group not only have experience in court and arbitration, they have broad experience helping investors secure the path that best suits their individual needs.

When one client of the firm was indirectly hurt by the bad data, research and advice of Goldman Sachs, Vernon Litigation Group led the courtroom battle against the Wall Street giant and won that investor the right to seek arbitration before the New York Stock Exchange.

Please see Goldman Sachs Arbitration Case Study.

When another client wanted instead to take his claim before a judge or jury, the Vernon Litigation Group legal team took on Raymond James Financial Services Inc. and won that investor the right to sidestep arbitration and take his claim to court. 

Please see Raymond James Lawsuit Case Study.

The attorneys at Vernon Litigation Group have decades of experience representing investors who are victims of stock fraud and stock losses due to brokerage firm fraud and misconduct. Vernon Litigation Group securities attorneys are experienced in securities arbitration and business litigation and assist clients in recovering losses caused by all manner of financial fraud and negligence.

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