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Considerations For Investors In Platinum Partners

With the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the US Attorney’s formal charges now filed for conspiracy and securities fraud of approximately $1 billion against the Platinum Partners and Black Elk wrongdoers, investors are looking for answers. Investors need to know whether their particular interests are aligned with the interests of other investors and where they diverge. For example, the false valuations provided to investors appear to be a common […]

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Regulators giving increased scrutiny to ETNs in wake of volatility

JPMorgan has announced that it has stopped issuing shares in its Alerian MLP exchange-traded note. Regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority have already announced that they are giving increased scrutiny to the ways in which ETNs are sold to consumers, according to a report in Investment News. The regulatory interest came following the closure of another ETN. In that situation, Credit Suisse VelocityShares […]

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SEC exec recognizes some brokers don’t even understand all the products they’re selling

Financial conflicts of interest are rampant with both big and small broker-dealers. This results in broker-dealers selling products without adequate due diligence or even reckless or fraudulent due diligence.    This often leads to financial advisors selling products without adequate or accurate information and, at times, selling products they don’t even understand.  An SEC executive seems to now agree.   According to a story in Investment News today, Julius Leiman-Carbia, associate director […]

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Vernon Litigation Group Again Warns Investors About Pitfalls of Non-Traded REITs

Securities attorneys at Vernon Litigation Group continue to warn investors about buying into non-traded REITs as they watch those who bought shares in Behringer Harvard Short-Term Opportunity Fund I LP join the growing ranks of investors – many of them retirees — suffering REIT losses. According to an Investment News article about Behringer Harvard losses, “At the end of December, investors in the Behringer Harvard Short-Term Opportunity Fund I LP, which […]

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