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Investors harmed by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy get mixed messages this week

The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy that shook the financial world in 2008 still has investors who lost billions in the collapse wondering when they will begin to recoup their losses. Two decisions this week – one by a judge and the other by the Lehman Estate – did little to bring clarity to the situation or hope that investors will see a significant portion of their money anytime soon, say securities attorneys at Vernon […]

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UBS fraudulently hawked Lehman principal protected notes to clients,Vernon Litigation Group investor claim states

Naples, Fla. — UBS fraudulently misrepresented Lehman principal protected notes in a heavy sales push to its brokerage firm clients at a time when it was systematically shedding its own Lehman debt behind the scenes in advance of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, according to a claim filed today by the nationwide investor advocacy law firm Vernon Litigation Group. Holders of Lehman notes have been left standing at the back of […]

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SEC Warns Investors of the Dangers of Structured Products

Almost three years after the historic bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the Securities and Exchange Commission shows concerns that investors continue to be unaware of the potential risks of investing in structured products. Just last month, the SEC issued a notice reminding investors to carefully review the terms, risks, fees, and other not-so-apparent disclosures before deciding whether to invest in structured products. Structured products in general continue to be marketed as safe investments […]

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Vernon Litigation Group and the Carrigan law firm file $1 million in securities fraud claims against UBS for Lehman principal protected note conduct in Texas state court

May 18, 2011 / Blog , Tags: , ,

Houston, Texas — Attorneys for investors have filed $1 million in securities fraud charges in Texas state court against UBS in an effort to force UBS to answer for its Lehman principal protected note sales in a public court case versus private industry-sponsored arbitration. Trial lawyer Stephen Carrigan, who has hired nationwide investor protection law firm Vernon Litigation Group as co-counsel, is pursuing two lawsuits in Texas state court where […]

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