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Vernon Litigation files arbitration claim against Wells Fargo on Naples investor sold $4 million in auction rate securities

Vernon Litigation filed an arbitration claim against Wells Fargo on behalf of two daughters whose elderly Naples, Florida father was sold $4 million — almost half his portfolio — in risky auction rate securities. For more on the claim, see Vernon Litigation Protecting Investors.com.

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Vernon Litigation Group: Wells Fargo misrepresented safety of $4 million in high risk auction rate securities sold to elderly Naples client

Naples, Fla. — Wells Fargo sold $4 million in risky auction rate securities to an elderly Naples man — representing almost half his portfolio — after the auction rate securities market had already frozen in early 2008 and securities regulators had taken steps to halt the deception and misleading marketing in the auction rate arena, according to a claim filed by the Vernon Litigation Group investor advocacy law firm. Thousands […]

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ARS and Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes sales pushed by UBS: A double dose of disgust

Vernon Litigation Group’s ongoing investigation of the sale of Lehman Brothers structured notes by UBS is turning up evidence consistent with the allegations of wrongdoing made by New Hampshire securities regulators against UBS. The Vernon Litigation Group investigation and the claim from securities regulators reveal a pattern of behavior by UBS that shows that the firm aggressively marketed Lehman Brothers principal protected notes and other Lehman structured notes to its own clients […]

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