Reflections on Pittsburgh

Oct 31, 2018 / Videos

We take a break from our standard content for this weeks video to send out our condolences to the people of Pittsburgh, the synagogue, and the family members of the individuals that lost their lives.

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The Dangers of Trusting Business Brokers When Loaning or Investing

Oct 17, 2018 / protecting investors

Business brokers are traditionally considered to be professionals who are in the business of finding a buyer for someone who wants to sell a successful business in lieu of a succession plan. Recently, however, we have received several calls from people who have simply invested in or loaned money to a business that was recommended by a questionable “Business Broker.” From our perspective, this is generally a bad idea for […]

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Investing In Timeshares | Industry Reform Has NOT Cured Problems

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon goes over timeshares and what options are available to an unhappy investor and why they should always be wary of false guarantees. Over the many years of Vernon Litigation Group we have helped several investors leave their unwanted timeshares and we wanted to give some information and a few warnings to any potential investors out there looking for their own way out. […]

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