The Dangers of Trusting Business Brokers When Loaning or Investing

Oct 17, 2018 / protecting investors

Business brokers are traditionally considered to be professionals who are in the business of finding a buyer for someone who wants to sell a successful business in lieu of a succession plan. Recently, however, we have received several calls from people who have simply invested in or loaned money to a business that was recommended by a questionable “Business Broker.” From our perspective, this is generally a bad idea for […]

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Investing In Timeshares | Industry Reform Has NOT Cured Problems

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon goes over timeshares and what options are available to an unhappy investor and why they should always be wary of false guarantees. Over the many years of Vernon Litigation Group we have helped several investors leave their unwanted timeshares and we wanted to give some information and a few warnings to any potential investors out there looking for their own way out. […]

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The Evolution Of The Stock Market | Macro VS Micro and Timing

Oct 3, 2018 / Videos

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon discusses the Stock Market and its growth. As things have changed most investment professionals warn against “timing” the market but there are a few that still attempt it and for those, we explain the value of taking a look at the bigger picture, find out more here:

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SEC Disclosures And What The Law Does And Doesn’t Protect

Sep 26, 2018 / Videos

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon discusses securities laws and SEC disclosures. Despite the bland and mundane appearances of the topic, it is of the utmost importance. Specifically, we expand on Off Market Securities, what it means to have full disclosure, and most importantly we delve into why the law might not require that these investments be good or safe to be legal. Find out more here:

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