SEC Disclosures And What The Law Does And Doesn’t Protect

Sep 26, 2018 / Videos

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon discusses securities laws and SEC disclosures. Despite the bland and mundane appearances of the topic, it is of the utmost importance. Specifically, we expand on Off Market Securities, what it means to have full disclosure, and most importantly we delve into why the law might not require that these investments be good or safe to be legal. Find out more here:

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Ongoing Concerns For Investors In Structured Products Backed By Deutsche Bank

Sep 20, 2018 / protecting investors

We raised concerns in the spring of last year and again in the summer of this year regarding structured notes backed by Deutsche Bank. These concerns are now heightened in light of the fact that institutional lenders are factoring these concerns into how they deal with Deutsche Bank. As recently reported by the Financial Times, Deutsche Bank’s credit rating has been downgraded after three consecutive years of unprofitability. This is […]

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When Filing A Claim The Time Limit Might Be Shorter Than You Think

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon urges investors to move quickly if they believe that they have a legal claim. Even if the statues of limitations give an investor several years to file a claim it is entirely possible, and depressingly likely, that some contracts or specific case laws can give an investor a very short timeframe to bring a claim. Find out more here:

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Dissecting Corporate Images | Investors Need To Look Beyond The Marketing

Sep 5, 2018 / Videos

In our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon discusses public relations and how many companies can create a persona with marketing tactics even if their business practices show a different personality altogether. It is of the utmost importance that investors look beyond the marketing when they are reviewing a company in order to find the best service or product that suits their needs. Find out more here:

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