How Businesses Can Mitigate Cyber Risk | Vernon Litigation Group

For this weeks video series, Founding Partner, Chris Vernon speaks directly to business owners and how they can mitigate cyber risk. One way is to train your employees on the different types of cyber risks such as; data breach, ransomware and wire fraud. We now live in a digital age and the likes of smart phones enable us to adapt to technological advances and allow global connectivity. However, it is […]

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Article: Investing when you are worried about the future of the economy | Vernon Litigation Group

Nov 20, 2019 / Commodities , Tags: , ,

INVESTING WHEN YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE ECONOMY Earlier this month,  investment guru Ray Dalio posted an article relating to his latest book , Principles For Navigating Big Debt Crisis. In the book Dalio talks about the long term effects of our current environment of loaning money cheap to people and entities that already have money. We have written an article and thing it would be a […]

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Elder Abuse: Financial | Vernon Litigation Group

In this installment of our weekly video series, Founding Partner, Chris Vernon speaks about Elder Financial Abuse.  We dislike to report of such things happening, however the reality of it is…it is happening frequently and a lot of the time by your loved ones and or someone your trust. We have spoken about this numerous times and can be read here ¹Here are some red flags to pay attention to: […]

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