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Happy Thanks Giving From Us to You

From all of us at Vernon Litigation we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! There are a lot of great things going on with the Naples community and we encourage you to come out in support during this wonderful holiday season! Please keep in mind that there are also still a lot of members recovering from Hurricane Irma, so be sure to support them whenever and however you can.

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Vernon Litigation Group Expands Investigation Relating to Bighorn Wealth Fund and End of the Rainbow Investors

Apr 10, 2017 / News

Friday, the Naples Daily News released an article relating to potential losses suffered by investors who placed significant funds in the Bighorn Wealth Fund and the End of the Rainbow Partners. The attorneys at Vernon Litigation Group are now representing multiple clients who invested the majority of the total funds held by Bighorn Wealth Fund LP as well as a significant investor in The End of the Rainbow Partners. Ongoing […]

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Vernon Litigation Group Files New Claim Against RBC – Puerto Rican Bond

Feb 3, 2017 / Litigation

As with the approximately $1.5 million in claims previously filed, the latest claim filed by Vernon Litigation Group against RBC Capital Markets LLC (“RBC”) relates to the sale of Puerto Rican bonds by the West Palm Beach office of RBC. RBC brokerage unit is referred to RBC Wealth Management. As with the others, this claim relates to the sale of Puerto Rican bonds by RBC financial advisor, Samuel Koltun, who […]

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