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Small Business Support for Dealing With the COVID-19 Crisis- Bulletin #1

Mar 30, 2020 / COVID-19 , Tags: , , ,

  SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT BULLETIN #1 FOR DEALING WITH THE COVID19 CRISIS FROM THE FINANCIAL LITIGATORS AT VERNON LITIGATION GROUP  Vernon Litigation group will be providing these updates for local business owners in our community to help them navigate the challenges of staying in business, supporting clients, supporting employees, supporting the community, and positioning the business for growth and success on the other side of the COVID19 crisis. As we […]

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How Businesses Can Mitigate Cyber Risk | Vernon Litigation Group

For this weeks video series, Founding Partner, Chris Vernon speaks directly to business owners and how they can mitigate cyber risk. One way is to train your employees on the different types of cyber risks such as; data breach, ransomware and wire fraud. We now live in a digital age and the likes of smart phones enable us to adapt to technological advances and allow global connectivity. However, it is […]

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The Question of Collectability | Vernon Litigation Group

In Part II of our ‘Due Diligence on Investing” we spoke about last week, we want to further add that when investing in private investments, small businesses or anything not traded on the New York Stock Exchange, make sure you do your  due diligence on collectability. If your investment takes an unfortunate turn and plummets, you want to make sure that the company is substantial, profitable and able to pay you […]

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