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Our Concerns Regarding the Sale of Insurance as an Investment

May 24, 2017 / Resources , Tags: ,

We believe a recent case before the National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) is a good example of what concerns us about the sale of insurance as an investment or a surrogate for an investment. The case involves a North Carolina investment professional by the name of Cecil Ernest Nivens in Gastonia (Charlotte area), North Carolina.  Nivens was registered to sell securities through NY LIFE SECURITIES LLC (CRD#:5167) until 2014. Nivens regulatory […]

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Are Fiduciaries Really Fiduciaries in the Financial Industry

Feb 22, 2017 / Resources

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig wrote a timely article on the fact that many “fiduciaries” in the financial industry are not really acting as fiduciaries, meaning not acting in the best interest of their clients despite the claim they do so, which you can read here. Zweig, in his column, defines fiduciary as “someone who must put your interests ahead of his or her own. That means […]

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