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Brokerage Firms Are They Using Better Technology or Cutting Corners?

Feb 23, 2018 / protecting investors

Are brokerage firms using technology to better protect the investor client or to just as a cost-cutting strategy to increase the profitability of the firm? At Vernon Litigation Group, we are concerned that some investment firms are using technology to reduce internal expenses rather than enhance investor protection. According to a recent internet article, FINRA regulators fined Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., $2 million for relying on an inadequate technology […]

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Next Steps for EB-5 Investors in 550 Seabreeze | Los Olas Resort Project

Feb 8, 2018 / EB-5

An EB-5 immigrant investor visa is normally appealing to wealthy foreign individuals seeking a permanent residency in the United States. However, investing in the wrong EB-5 can have catastrophic consequences for investors. This includes the risk of losing the entire investment (which is usually $500,000) as well as losing permanent resident status in the United States. Unfortunately, for the 60 or so foreign investors that invested in the Las Olas […]

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How To Avoid Incompetent And Unethical Investment Professionals

Jan 24, 2018 / protecting investors

Life altering investment mistakes often result from trusting the wrong investment professional. Most catastrophic investment losses in an investors’ portfolio can be traced back to an investment firm or investment professional that is either incompetent or unethical. As a result, we strongly recommend that investors do their due diligence on their investment professional (and the affiliated investment firm) before they even consider how to invest their money. If investors can […]

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Bitcoin Regulation and the latest Government Shutdown

Jan 22, 2018 / protecting investors

Bloomberg recently reported that federal regulators who regulate Bitcoin futures trading (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) said it would keep tabs on Bitcoin futures trading and other markets during a government shutdown, even though it would be forced to halt many other normal activities.   What is noteworthy to us is that the regulators felt like they needed to keep monitoring this market during the shutdown (albeit through a skeleton crew); likely […]

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