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Abuses in the Bond World Relate to Lack of Transparency and Conflicts of Interests

Last month’s FINRA Disciplinary Actions (April 2017) triggered this bond focused post. In April of 2017, FINRA took disciplinary action against J.P. Morgan Securities and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney related to their respective bond activities. Sadly, this is far from the first time that major firms such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley have been sanctioned by regulators. What is unique, however, is that both were sanctioned in the same […]

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Big Companies and Big Government can be a Dangerous Combination

Apr 10, 2017 / News

Monsanto is a company that, based on certain financial metrics, is bigger than some countries. Unfortunately, companies of this size command an incredible amount of influence that can lead to abuse. An example of this potential for abuse involves Roundup, one of the most popular products manufactured by Monsanto. Roundup is one of the most widely used weed killers in the world. Some experts have asserted that a key ingredient […]

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Why I Would Not Want Deutsche Bank Structured Notes in my Portfolio

If I were to recommended that you loan money to a foreign bank with no collateral to protect your loan and told you that the foreign bank had lost billions of dollars over the last several of years and had misled investors during the last financial crisis, would you make that loan? Strangely, in the name of making money for Wall Street, many U.S. financial institutions have made this recommendation […]

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Be Wary of Free or Cheap Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Services

Apr 4, 2017 / News

Identity theft is a rampant concern for nearly all consumers. Unfortunately, certain enterprising companies have decided to capitalize on consumers’ fears by offering credit and identity theft monitoring services “free” of charge. Relying on the companies’ advertisements and bold claims, many consumers are proactively enrolling. Consumers seem to be unaware that some of these identity theft/credit monitoring services have faced federal fines for unfair and deceptive trade practices stemming from […]

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