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Two Main Categories of Risk

In this installment of our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon talks briefly on the two main categories of risk;  1. Blind Risk and 2. Calculated Risk. We unfortunately and often see more and more people taking blind risks when investing due to a promised high return on investment. In order to minimize risk, do your due diligence to structure your investment, find out more here:  

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Government Shutdown Threatens US Cybersecurity as 773 Million Passwords Go Public in Data Breach

Jan 17, 2019 / Cybersecurity

As the partial federal government shutdown drags into its fourth week, America’s cybersecurity posture is weaker. Wired Magazine reported yesterday that the government shutdown is impacting some government agencies’ ability to properly monitor, maintain, and safeguard critical information technology systems, which is leaving our nation more vulnerable to our adversaries’ cyberattacks. Once funding is restored, government cybersecurity professionals will need to mine through weeks-old data to search for threats and scramble […]

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The Developing World of Cyber Litigation

May 29, 2018 / Cybersecurity

According to recent reports, litigation arising out of the public disclosure of the allegedly privileged “Paradise Papers” has been settled. The “Paradise Papers” — an allusion to the Nixon-era leak of classified memoranda known as the “Pentagon Papers” — is a trove of millions of documents hacked from a well-established offshore law firm that specialized in sophisticated tax and asset planning for a very high net worth and sometimes high-profile […]

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