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Vernon Litigation Group securities fraud attorneys file another half million in Principal Protected note claims against UBS

Mar 17, 2011 / Blog

NAPLES — The investor advocacy legal team at Vernon Litigation Group, in conjunction with Orlando, Florida attorney Neal Blaher, filed more than half a million dollars in claims today against UBS, alleging the Wall Street firm committed securities fraud when it  created and sold investment products such a Lehman notes as well as its own in-house “principal protected” structured products to Main Street investors. Among those seeking FINRA arbitration in […]

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Wall Street using principal protected notes and other structured products to borrow collateral-free billions from main street investors

Naples, Florida — The Vernon Litigation Group law firm is warning retirees to beware of structured products, principal protected notes, reverse convertible notes, and other structured products that Wall Street firms have increasingly dumped on conservative main street investors. “The financial industry is effectively using structured products to borrow billions of dollars from Main Street investors with no collateral,” Chris Vernon is quoted as saying in the March issue of AARP […]

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UBS dumped defective structured products on retirees

Mar 3, 2011 / Blog , Tags: , ,

The sale of Lehman notes and other structured products by UBS is a classic example of why doing business with a Wall Street firm is hazardous. These Wall Street firms periodically use their own client base – including many fixed-income retired investors – as a dumping ground for defective products, including structured notes and reverse convertibles, which are also called “return optimization notes.” The brokerage firms cook up these structured […]

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UBS continues to profit from Lehman downfall while refusing to compensate former clients for Lehman Products

Jan 10, 2011 / Blog

UBS was one of the biggest worldwide sellers of Lehman Structured Products, including Notes that UBS deceptively referred to as “Principal Protected.” However, unlike some other large investment firms that sold Lehman “Principal Protected” Notes,  UBS has continued to publicly deny wrongdoing despite that it had one of the closest relationships with Lehman out of any of the large investment banks that sold Lehman Products.  As a result, many former UBS clients […]

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