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Reverse Convertible Concerns

Dec 19, 2012 / Blog

Reverse convertibles are a type of structured note.  It is essentially is an unsecured loan to a company – the note component – wherein at maturity the investor may receive common stock of a publicly traded company that the structured product is tied to as opposed to repayment of the principal amount of the loan.   In other words, if you buy a structured note tied to Microsoft stock, then the lender […]

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Lending Facility Concerns

Dec 17, 2012 / Blog

While many investment advisors are recommending structured products to their clients, many investors are left wondering what structured products are. These are highly complex derivatives with pitfalls and risks that are inadequately disclosed. Structured products, also known as structured notes, are now being used by major brokerage firms to turn their own client base into a lending facility. The underlying concept for structured products is disturbing in that your trusted financial advisory […]

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Vernon Litigation Group files another $800,000 in claims against UBS on behalf of Lehman principal protected notes investors

May 3, 2012 / Blog

Naples, Fla. — UBS fraudulently misrepresented the safety of so-called Lehman principal protected notes that the firm sold to two elderly widows at a time when UBS knew of Lehman’s increasing financial desperation, according to separate claims filed today by the Vernon Litigation Group investor advocacy law firm. The promised principal protection constituted a gross deception because the Lehman notes represented nothing more than unsecured loans by the investors to […]

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Lehman bankruptcy liquidation to provide poor recovery to 100 percent principal protected notes investors says Vernon Litigation Group investor advocacy law firm

Apr 26, 2012 / Blog , Tags: ,

Naples, Fla. — Investors holding Lehman 100 percent principal protected notes or other Lehman structured products are now receiving word that their share of the initial Lehman bankruptcy distribution on April 17 amounts to 6 cents on the dollar. “We’ve been informed by a representative of Wilmington Trust, the bankruptcy trustee that is handling Lehman notes distributions, that Lehman note holders may receive up to 21 cents on the dollar […]

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