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Behringer Harvard REIT I Investors Bear Impact of Further Losses While the CEO is Only Required to Devote 20 Percent of His Time to the REIT

Continuing with the terrible misfortune investors in Behringer Harvard REIT I have had for the past few years, the REIT has recently announced a further reduction in share price and a complete suspension of already anemic distributions. In a letter sent by Behringer Harvard to investors this week, the REIT announced a reduction in share value to $4.01 per share from the previous 2011 valuation of $4.64 per share.  This signifies a […]

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Massachusetts Takes Action Against LPL – While REITs like Wells Timberland Slash Share Values

Dec 21, 2012 / Blog Posts , Tags: ,

Even the state of Massachusetts is seeing the dangers in non-traded REITs (also known as unlisted REITs) as they have now lodged a complaint against LPL Financial relating to these products. The situation is familiar to investor’s rights lawyers, as the state is going after LPL for its failure to properly supervise financial advisors of the firm in their sales of these oversold and defective financial instruments. Unfortunately, it is now common for brokerage […]

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Law firm of Vernon Litigation Group files Another Non-Traded REIT Claim Against FINRA Registered Broker-Dealer for Failure to Supervise Paul Larsen – Pending Claims Now Exceed $3 million

Nov 20, 2012 / Blog Posts

Vernon Litigation Group, along with the law firm of Dovin, Malkin & Ficken has now filed its fifth FINRA arbitration claim against the brokerage firm responsible for the actions of and supervision of former broker Paul Larsen.  The total dollar amount of the claims against the brokerage firm now exceeds $3 million.  Paul Larsen bounced his registration through eight different brokerage firms before being permanently barred by regulators (FINRA) from […]

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Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin Malkin & Ficken File $1.5 Million Claim against ProEquities, Inc on Behalf of Behringer Harvard REIT Investors

The law firms of Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin, Malkin & Ficken have filed a $1.5 Million claim against ProEquities, Inc. on behalf of a Florida family that was guided toward innapropriate, high commission investments by one of ProEquities financial advisors. In order to ensure that a portion of their money would last and benefit them and their three children for years to come, the investors sought the advice of […]

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