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Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin Malkin & Ficken Law Firms File Another Multimillion Dollar Claim in FINRA Arbitration, Including REITs Sold by Paul Larsen, on Behalf of a Physician and His Wife in FINRA Arbitration

NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 4, 2013 — This week, the law firms of Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin Malkin & Ficken filed another multimillion dollar FINRA arbitration relating to the sale of high-commission, high-risk, and illiquid products, including non-traded REITs. These products were sold by financial advisor Paul Larsen. Due to the actions of Larsen—as well as the compliance breakdowns in supervising Larsen—a physician and his wife of more than 50 years are now […]

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Behringer Harvard REIT I Becomes TIER REIT; Its Performance Continues to Struggle

On June 21, 2013 the troubled Behringer Harvard REIT I, Inc. changed its name to TIER REIT, Inc.  The President of the REIT, Mr. Scott Fordham stated that the name change was decided in order to symbolize “how the company reflects the goals and objectives of its tenants and stockholders in everything it does.” Despite heavily promoting a new name and a complete REIT internalization (which allows the REIT to be self-managed and allegedly save […]

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Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin Malkin Ficken Team File Another Claim for the Improper Sale of Non-traded REITs and other Illiquid Investments in a $440,000 Investment Account

The law firms of Vernon Litigation Group and Dovin, Malkin & Ficken have once again filed an arbitration claim against ProEquities, Inc. for the inappropriate sale of non-traded REITs and other illiquid and speculative investments to a Minnesota couple.  The claim was filed on the heels of penalties announced by the state of Massachusetts against Ameriprise Financial, Royal Alliance Associates, Commonwealth Financial Network, and Securities America for the improper sale and other compliance related issues of non-traded REITs […]

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As the SEC Investigation Against the Inland American Continues – Numerous Other Concerns Arise

Mar 15, 2013 / Blog Posts , Tags:

The problems for Inland American Real Estate Investment Trust investors (one of the largest non-traded REIT in the U.S.) seem to continue.  Just yesterday, the troubled REIT disclosed in its 2012 annual report filed with the SEC, that a number of investors have asked the REIT’s board to open an investigation for alleged breach of fiduciary duty and false share valuation reports.  Specifically, the REIT disclosed the following in a filing with the […]

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